About Us


The CDA in its effort to assist the cooperatives in marketing their goods and services specially in this time of pandemic, has instituted reforms and innovations through the enhancement of Cooperative Business Matching Information System (CBMIS). It includes the development of eCommerce web application platform which will provide a complete solution for sellers (cooperatives) as well as buyers (the public which may include cooperatives, individuals or other business entities) through online.

The CBMIS, as originally designed, aims to establish and maintain an online promotion and matching of cooperative product through posting of the products and services with relevant information to facilitate business matching and marketing. The CBMIS serves as a market place where there is information sharing on products/services, and intends to generate buying and selling among cooperatives registered into the system.

With the onset of e-commerce as viable means of marketing and selling products, the CDA has embarked on enhancing the CDA CBMIS to adopt to the present set up utilizing the latest available technology.

The enhancement of CBMIS was approved by the CDA Board of Directors last May 19, 2021 with Board Resolution No. 237, series of 2021 during its Regular Board Meeting. The development of the system will be prepared and completed by a Service Provider.

While we are developing the enhanced CBMIS, the CDA integrated the concept of international market opportunities for cooperatives, thus, it gave birth to CDA GLOBAL PROJECT.


The CDA Global is an online marketing platform that will bring the local market products to the global market chain. The first cooperative e-platform that will feature cooperatives in the e-platform and will be the CDA’s version of Amazon or Alibaba.

The e-commerce platform to be provided by the CDA for the use of cooperatives, particularly micro and small, in the selling and promoting of their products for domestic and international markets.

The platform will be provided for free to the cooperatives, however, there will be screening of the cooperatives and their products based on the criteria to be developed by the CDA.

The platform will also be engaging with local and international courier for the shipment of products and online payment providers for the successful transactions between the cooperatives and the buyers. The engagement of the CDA to these providers will only be limited to allowing them to use the CoopBiz. Any transactions that will be made by the providers, the sellers and the buyers shall be within their bounds.


The objectives of the project are the following:

• To provide market opportunity for cooperatives both in domestic and international through the online platform;
• To showcase the cooperative products which are unique and with quality;
• To establish market linkages/network for cooperatives.

THE CO-OP BIZ: A Cooperative Global Business Marketplace

The CO-OPBIZ.COM shall be the CDA Global’s web portal.


The project will be managed by IDS in coordination with the MIS for technical support and with the Office of the Chairman.